Thursday, October 18, 2007

I've got a new home

We are happy to report that Hamilton was adopted and will be spoiled by a nice family in Illinois. Stay tuned for updates on this sweet boy!
Alison, Hamilton's foster mom, was able to report the following happy news beginning of December: "I spoke with Hamilton's (Cinci) adopters today. They say he is just a doll, apparently now he has the run of the house. He sleeps in their oldest son John's room and when everyone is out of the house he drags John's comforter off his bed and fixes it in another room where he wants to lay down. He has two dog beds in the house but prefers John's comforter when he is home alone. He is doing great on the invisible fence and is eating like a champ. They had several people over for Thanksgiving and he was the perfect gentleman with plates of food at his eye level. He also did great with all the kids in the house. He just loves kids and the attention they give him. He enjoys yard work and had a doggie friend over the other day to play. They just love him."

Friday, September 28, 2007

Hamiton, and Foster Sister Ella!

Hi There,.. Hamiton here,.. This is Ella, my foster sister, she's really nice,..she is sharing her fur-ever home with me while I wait for a home of my own...

Hamilton's foster mom wrote smilingly:
I haven't heard him bark yet, but two nights ago I was watching tv and heard him bay at the sound of a motorcycle in the distance. OHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and then Ella chimed in with WOOOOOOO HOOOOOO WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO. They lasted like that for a little less than a minute, I could hear my neighbors laughing as they looked out their sliding glass doors. Gotta love the bird dogs!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm Just A Little Boy too!!!!!

Hamilton getting a bit of advice from our Jr. Rescue Volunteer,...

Dreaming of a Home of my Own,....

Making Our Way to Chicago

Hamiton is such a happy boy, loves everybody,...
Rides very well in a crate,....
or Not,.....
Been a long couple of days on the road, almost there Hammy!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Take a close look at this cute pointer boy!!

Hamilton is such a sweet boy and a great looking , svelte dog. Hands down the best foster dog I have ever had! He is housetrained and quiet in his crate at night or when we leave the house. I haven't heard him bark yet. He loves kids of all ages and adults. He is a great eater and gets along with other dogs very well. He prefers to sleep on the dog pillow rather than the furniture.

Hamilton can sit, shake, come and lay down on command. He is submissive to other dogs.
My feeling is that he stayed outside a lot before coming into our rescue. He does counter surf but easily stops the behavior when told no or down. This behavior is happening less and less. He is afraid of the hose. When I'm watering flowers in the yard he is on the other side of the yard sitting and watching me. Once the hose is put away he is fine, walking over to me for reassurance. My guess is he has had some hose trauma in his past. He does pull a bit on leash.

Hamilton is a loving dog who always wants reassurance that he is loved even when he is told no. He smiles with squinty eyes and his tail wags when he wants attention. He loves people and loves to be your center of attention. I haven't seen much attention to birds in the yard. I wish him the best home, he will love you forever!

Hamilton attended the Hobbit Family Reunion

Little Hamilton says "hi" to Lisa Spakowski---IBR President...and doggy magnet.
Hamilton is a little boy that's just yearning to be loved...

Here Hamilton is "flirting" with an IBR foster parent--Paul---but no---actually Alison West got to take Hamilton home with her.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Saying Goodbye to Hamilton...

As Hamilton was finally moving to the Illinois area into foster care, here is what his first foster mom, Jennifer, had to say: There are some dogs who come around who really touch your heart. I have never met a dog I didn't love, but there is something extra special about Hamilton that can't be put into words.

Last night I thought of a million ways in which I could keep him, but I knew that he would give someone else the great joy he has given me. And I thought of all the other dogs I could save and who needed me to help them on their way. So, he got a big meal last night, a nice bath and ear cleaning, and my fleece jacket to sleep with (and his last romp with his girlfriend Darla).

We went for a nice walk at 6:30 this morning while waiting for Nancy, and then we said goodbye. I sent him with all his vet paperwork and microchip info, an extra collar and leash, his favorite green squeaky toy, and some of the food he's been eating to mix in with whatever new food he will eat. I just called Nancy too, to check up on him, and she said he was quiet as a mouse and that all was fine.

I just wish the greatest happiness for this little dog I love so much, and for someone to know what a sensitive loving treasure Hamilton is.

Jennifer (who is brokenhearted but happy for Hamilton and his new life...)